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Empower. Educate. Eliminate.

Believing that all homes should be peaceful, WIN strives to educate families broken apart by
violence to live by nonviolent means. By providing shelter to victims of family violence, working
towards increased knowledge of the problem and stressing viable solutions, the purpose of WIN
is to eliminate family violence locally and to be a part of a widespread movement to create a
society that no longer tolerates the abuse of power through violence or an other means.

Helping Families
Live Life Without Violence.

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How You Can Help

  • WIN encourages that if you suspect abuse please do not keep quiet.

  • Talk to the person in private and let him or her know you are concerned. Point out the things you’ve noticed that make you worried. Let the person know you are there when he or she is ready to talk.

  • Remember, abusers are skilled at controlling and manipulating their victims. People who have been emotionally abused or battered are depressed, drained, scared, ashamed and confused. They need help to get out, yet they have been isolated from their family and friends.

By recognizing the signs, you can help them escape an abusive situation and begin healing.